About Us

Mind Your Hero was founded in 2018 by Kylie-Anne Bowers. It was originally intended to be a company that just produced self-mastery journals and has since grown and expanded into a brand that offers more than just journals. 

Mind Your Hero helps give you the ability to do more than what you thought you were capable of achieving by becoming the Superhero of your life. 

We do this by giving you the tools that have worked for millions of people in a simple and practical way. These tools include our beautiful Find Your Inner Hero Journal as well as online courses and 1:1 coaching .
Kylie has grown up understanding loss and instability. At the age of 14 she lost her dad and during that same time was forced to move homes 7 times in one year. She began to believe that life was unfair and acted out creating more chaos and drama for herself. She went from believing she was unlucky, feeling lost and unguided to taking control of how life happened for her. She did this through investing in her own personal development and studying the Universal Laws. Kylie has gone from being the victim of her own actions to living an abundant life filled with love, adventure and experiences that have pushed her far beyond the limits of what she thought she was capable of. Now she want to give back and help you transform your mindset to achieve the dreams that you never thought in your wildest dreams were possible. 
At Mind Your Hero we believe that there is a hero that resides within us all, we just have to learn how to tap into out own inner power to become that Hero.