Find Your Inner Hero Journal
Find Your Inner Hero Journal
Find Your Inner Hero Journal
Find Your Inner Hero Journal
Find Your Inner Hero Journal

Find Your Inner Hero Journal

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The Find Your Inner Hero Journal 
A journal that has it all!

Goal Setting Exercises

Look at setting goals in non conventional ways. The Find Your Inner Hero Journal has 3 exercises for you to do that helps you assess all areas of your life.

Monthly Challenges

Each month you will be tasked with a new challenge that helps you learn more about yourself, practice self love and care, and become more mindful to your surrounding and the lessons you have to learn. 

Daily Pages

The daily pages are comprised of the following exercises:


Enhance your daily gratitude practice by listing 5 things that you are grateful for every day. Gratitude is a life changing practice of allowing yourself to live in a state of receiving. This powerful yet simple practice has enabled millions of people to attract more of what they want in their life. 

"Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Glow with gratitude and see how awe and joy will make their home in you"
- Michael Beckwith

 Goal Setting for the day

You are required to write out three small achievable goals every day. This forces us to take inspired action toward our dreams. With every big goal that we set, we have to reverse engineer it own to small actionable steps that you can take every day. When we start to tick these off our to-do lists, we start building more confidence. An increase in confidence allows us to show up more for ourselves and others. 

Daily Affirmation

Ever heard of the saying "fake it till you make it"?
Think of this section as that. Our external realities are a direct reflection of what is going on internally. It all starts with a thought. A thought, repetitively thought, becomes a belief. We then take on this belief as truth, which forms our identity and then plays out into our environment. In order to change our environment/ external reality, we have to change our thinking. An affirmation a day, keeps the limiting belief systems away. Our journal also has examples of many affirmations that you can use if you don't know where to start. 

Mirror Work

This powerful practice increases self worth, allows you to express forgiveness, thus releasing you from your past and gifts you with a sense of freedom. Mirror work also allows you to reflect, not only in terms of self image, but also on the characteristics that make you, you. This is the practice you need to help you make commitments to yourself. 

Caution: Mirror work has been know to help you increase the self love that you have for yourself so extensively that others will also only know how to love and respect you the way that you do for yourself.

Celebrating yourself

Every day you are tasked to celebrate yourself. This is a fun and nurturing way to treat yourself. 

If you go to gym, it should not be a punishment for what you may have eaten, but rather a celebration for what your body can do.

This journal will teach you to love yourself so fiercely that you will want to feed your body with the best foods, strengthen your mind with kind and loving words and enlighten your spirit to vibrate at higher levels. 

1% Rule 

Would you like to be 365% better than where you are now? If you improve by just 1% every day, imagine where you could be a year from now! In fact if you use this journal consistently as a tool to ask yourself better questions and to change your habits to being positive, you will end up with a far greater value than 365%. The reason for this is the compound effect. Growth may appear slower in the beginning, but, if you trust the process, do the work, and look back at yourself a year from now, we can guarantee you that you will be further ahead than where you ever dreamed you could be. 

Bonus Features

The Find Your Inner Hero journal also has many other exciting features such as a rewards page, a bucket list, and even a page for you to list the podcasts you want to listen to. 

This journal will help you grow and expand into the hero that you always hoped would swoop down to save you. You are your own hero, now use this journal to help you find and unleash the power of the hero that is already residing within you.